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Thank you for helping
Fund the Herd!

With your support we raised over $16,000 that will go to fund student and technology subscriptions, school events and much more!  Here are this year's results!

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About Fund the Herd

The Fund the Herd Campaign is our school’s largest and most important fundraiser of the year. This one drive will determine the extent of other fundraising needed throughout the year in order to provide Thunder Vista with the enrichment programs, supplies, educational supplements and other platforms identified as priorities by the school, the staff, and that parents choose to fund through the PTO.


In order to bridge the gap between allocated tax revenues and such important additions to our learning environment, we must ask for contributions from our families to make it happen.


Why are we doing a donation campaign?

We realized that door-to-door sales is probably not ideal for our community. Rather than making financial asks amongst our neighbors- many of them also Thunder Vista Families- by selling goods, we are simply asking for financial contributions to supplement our tax revenues.


The Strategy = 100% Beneficial

Most importantly, by not using a fundraising company, our school benefits from 100% of the funds you donate. A Donation Drive allows the Thunder Vista PTO to retain 100% of your donations rather than using a fundraising platform that keeps a portion of your donation in order to facilitate. Our school benefits from every generous dollar donated, and as parents, we're not on-the-hook for time spent making sales. Although if you'd be willing to share the link for the campaign with your extended family members, we’d be thrilled!


The Goal = 100% Participation

Every contribution goes directly into the PTO’s funds for the year so EVERY contribution counts, no matter how large or small.  Funds raised through this campaign directly benefit EVERY student at Thunder Vista, from books to field trips to school improvement to technology, and everything in between. We hope to have 100% participation, meaning every family in the school donates at any level you’re able and help Fund The Herd!


Please keep in mind- Your time is equally as valuable, and we sincerely appreciate all contributions you make to the Thunder Vista community.


Where is the money going?

Your direct donation will benefit Thunder Vista 100%! 2022 donations will be an investment into Thunder Vista in the following ways:


  • Purchase of technology (i.e. device replenishment, online subscriptions, etc.)

  • Financial support for student and staff appreciation programs

  • Fulfillment of school and teacher wish lists

  • Funding for fun community events for our staff and students (i.e. dances, outings, field trips, etc.).


Our business community supports Thunder Vista, too! This school year we have also been working hard to gather corporate sponsorships which allow us to put 100% of the Fund the Herd money back into the school.


Is this donation tax-deductible?

Yes! Thunder Vista PTO is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are 100% tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. A receipt will be provided to you once your donation is received.  Many employers may offer matching donations and you can provide our tax ID for approval.  Thunder Vista PTO is also an approved organization on Benevity which is used by many corporations.


Do you accept donations from people or groups other than parents or guardians?

Of course! Extended relatives, friends and businesses can contribute if they would like. Plus, if your employer matches charitable contributions, we’d love to benefit from those donations too. Check with your company for their matching fund guidelines.

How do I donate?

Online via PayPal or credit card using our PTO Membership Toolkit App or Website once an account has been created:



Setting Up Your Membership Toolkit Account:

If You Have NOT Already Set Up Your Membership Toolkit Account:


  1. Visit  Thunder Vista PTO Membership Toolkit Website (

  2. Complete ‘Create Account Form’

  3. Verify your email address upon receipt

  4. Visit the FUND THE HERD page

On behalf of the school, the staff and students, we thank you in advance for your contribution and support.

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