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So that you can become familiar with what our board members are responsible for, we've laid out role descriptions below. At this time all of our board positions are filled but we are always looking for volunteers!


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at  


  1. Schedule, attend and moderate all meetings of the Organization and of the Leadership Team.

  2. Plan, email, distribute, and implement agendas for all meetings of the Organization and of the Leadership Team. 

  3. Coordinate the work of the Officers and Committees of the Organization.

  4. Meet with the Principal and/or Assistant Principal as needed regarding issues pertaining to the Organization.

  5. Ensure that all Officer positions are filled.

  6. Manage the annual Officer election process.

  7. Take an active role in the budget process by being a member of the Budget Committee.

  8. Ensure representation of the School at District meetings as necessary.

  9. Manage incoming correspondence and a calendar for the Organization.

  10. Attend monthly meetings with the school staff and act as a liaison between the school and the organization

  11. Ensure that reminders for all Organization meetings are distributed.



  1. Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.

  2. Be the key liaison to any Committee and attend Committee meetings as needed.

  3. Organize and submit the weekly PTO updates email to the school.

  4. Create a quarterly newsletter with key events for the PTO.

  5. Maintain the website and organizational calendar.

  6. Keep track of all events where the Organization may want to be involved or need to be represented, including, but not limited to, registration activities, new parent gatherings, and school functions.

  7. Maintain the official social media sites.

  8. Work with the school on any communications updates through the official school channels (e.g., website, marquis, etc.)

  9. Collaborate with the Vice President of Sponsorships to ensure that sponsorship obligations and visibility are being met in accordance with their sponsorship levels.



  1. Serve as contact person, organize and coordinate efforts for all main fundraising events.

  2. Serve as the contact person for all businesses approaching Organization to provide a fundraising event, including passive fundraisers

  3. Present all fundraising opportunities first to the Leadership Team, and then (based on calendar availability and reliability/profitability of the fundraiser) to the Organization membership at large.

  4. Portions of the role may be delegated to those willing to chair individual fundraising programs, but the oversight of functions and monetary handling will be conducted by the fundraising coordinator in conjunction with the Treasurer.

  5. Work closely with the school’s Principal/Assistant Principal and office staff in the coordination of all events.

  6. Work with the Vice President of Communications and Secretary to communicate all fundraising efforts to the Organization at large

  7. Coordinate all fundraising materials for distribution, including but not limited to, flyers and brochures.


  1. Set up and oversee events committee for the fall and spring events, and act as a liaison between the events committees and the Leadership Team.

  2. Take an active role in all Organization Events.

  3. Act as a liaison between School student organizations or groups and the Organization to support community service activities.

  4. Assist in recruiting volunteers for Organization activities as necessary; including but not limited to, events, fundraisers, incentives, and Box Tops.

  5. Keep a list of volunteers and update it as necessary.

  6. Manage event communication.



  1. Be the liaison to the School Office Manager for the Organization’s monthly expenditures and fundraising.

  2. Process all tax-exempt letters as needed.

  3. Collect and process Funding Requests.

  4. Track income and expenditures for staff account as needed.

  5. Take an active role in the budget process by initiating the Budget discussions every year.

  6. Prepare and present an annual budget for approval by the Leadership Team and the Organization.

  7. Prepare and present an annual budget for review with the Office Manager and Events / Athletics Director.

  8. Submit the Organization’s financial statements to the District’s chief financial officer at the end of each semester.

  9. Keep the Organization informed of income and expenditures as they relate to the approved budget.

  10. Define and update the budget process guidelines and forms as necessary.

  11. Present a monthly Treasurer’s Report at every meeting of the Organization and at other times when requested by the Organization.

  12. Meet as needed with the Office Manager, at a minimum of once a month, to review the Organization funds. This review provides a check and balance to prevent misuse of Organization funds.

  13. Provide the Vice President and Secretary with updated Treasurer’s reports to be posted on the website.

  14. Maintain the Organization’s active Incorporation.

  15. Maintain the Organization’s active 501©3 status.

  16. Complete all annual tax filings for 501©3 entities as required by the Internal Revenue Service.

  17. Maintain comprehensive general liability insurance in the amount of $1 million with the District named as additional insured.

  18. Open and maintain the Organization’s bank account which will include, but not be limited to; ordering checks and updating authorized signatories.

  19. Maintain copies of all sales slips, receipts, or invoices for every expenditure for the prior six (6) years and current operating year.


  1. Keep an accurate record of the proceedings at all meetings of the Organization and Leadership Team meetings, distributing Minutes within five (5) days of the meeting.

  2. Keep a record of who attends all meetings of the Organization and Leadership Team meetings.

  3. Be prepared to refer to the Minutes of all previous meetings of the Organization and Leadership Team.

  4. Manage incoming correspondence for the Organization and Leadership Team.

  5. Work with Leadership Team to draft regular communications to be sent to Organization members.  This may include updates, newsletters, fliers, etc.

  6. Ensure that reminders for all Organization meetings are distributed.

  7. Keep a current copy of the By-Laws and any other rules, regulations, or guidelines adopted by the Organization or the Leadership Team.

  8. Complete a year-end report summarizing the activities of the Organization to be distributed to all members at the end of the school year.

  9. Update the By-Laws as necessary.

  10. Work with the Vice-President to approve and provide communications for the PTO website to the webmaster.

  11. Prepare a list of unfinished work for the Leadership Team’s use.

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